Meet the Photographer

I'm Ben Fohdo.

Hey there,
I'm not your typical photographer.

At the risk of sounding pretentious & cliche. I specialise in candid photography, My passion is to document people connecting with each other. Capturing unscripted moments and telling a unique little story with each photo,

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My specialty?

The candid moments you didn't know I got.

Family gatherings and events,

I thrive on capturing the genuine joy, love, and connection that shine through when family & friends come together, whether it's a birthday celebration, a fun BBQ outing or whatever it Is that is bringing your people together in this moment. No awkward poses, no forced smiles – just authentic moments that tell your story through heartfelt candid photography. 

I am Son, Brother, Friend, Husband, Father

In 2018 I married my beautiful wife Lauren and we had our first child in May of 2021. He has changed everything for us in the best way possible. I keep hearing myself say you never truly know what being a parent is like and what it does to you, until it happens to you.

Being a parent is many things but most of all it is never being able to see life through the lens of living without them, ever again.

I love sci-fi

Tv shows, movies, games, all the sci-fi, My head is not in the clouds its in space. I contribute this due to the fact that when I was a baby my grandparents owned a petrol station that had a substantial VHS tape section where you could rent movies, if you remember what a VHS is then bonus points to you. instead of watching cartoons as a child I would always raid my grandparents VHS cabinet. And so I grew up watching old sci-fi & action movies that I probably shouldn't have been watching at such a young age. I don't regret it.

My Heart is in photography

Being honest, I have had a big fear of photography for a long time. This fear was to do with my own idea that it was something everyone wanted to do, it just seamed to be so obvious of a career choice and I felt like if I put any effort into it nobody would have ever taken me seriously, so I didn't.

Until 2018 when my wife told me I should purchase a photography course. Since then I have fallen in love with photography all over again and I can't get enough, This is truly something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life with my heart full. Capturing people in a still moment of the genuine & true love they possess for one another is like a superpower, its energising & encouraging.